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We respect our  harvest.

We Think About Our Planet and People

Korea’s first food-upcycling company

Food upcycling company, RE:HARVEST

RE:harvest specializes in upcycling food materials in pursuit of a virtuous cycle for the environment.
By re-harvesting food by-products through food upcycling, we aim to become the industry leader when it comes to environmental values like reducing carbon emissions and resolving food resource shortages.

푸드 업사이클이 가져온 긍정적인 변화

How We Save
Our Planet

We are trying to save our one and only planet through food upcycling.Since its establishment in August 2019, RE:harvest has made the following positive changes 
by recycling 141,000 Kg of by-products that are nutrient-rich but neglected and thrown 


Carbon Emissions Reduced
517,000 Kg


Water Saved

Adding Values to By-products via Food Upcycling!

Food upcycling is creating new products & solutions by upcycling food by-products. RE:harvest is developing and producing eco-friendly alternative food products using by-products

​리:하베스트 공식 푸드 업사이클 마크

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Our Vision


Mission 1 : Sustainable Food

We establish a virtuous cycle within the F&B industry structure through food upcycling


Mission 2 : Sustainable Environment

We become a link to the circular economy and continuously contribute to solving resource and environmental problems that mankind is facing

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